Cake Smash Photography Sheffield

Cake Smash Photography Sheffield

If you’ve come across this “Cake Smash Photography Sheffield” blog, you must be looking for a fun way to mark your baby’s first birthday, around the area. Although I am actually based just outside Barnsley, I often have clients from Sheffield and Rotherham.

What an exciting time it is, turning one! And a cake smash can be the perfect way to celebrate and create some really fun memories.



Although traditionally cake smashes are bright, jazzy, themed and colourful. I, on the other hand adore a more natural approach. And it makes me so happy that my clients love the idea too.

I do this by keeping everything simple. Eliminating all the unnecessary distractions such as, lots of decorations, colourful outfits and jazzy cakes. Not that there is anything wrong with them, but it’s just not for me. 

Instead, I provide beautiful neutral and pastel outfits for your little ones to wear. Some gorgeous wooden toys that they can play with. And a simply decorated cake, that is super delicious.

I adore capturing your baby’s personalities and all their little details, whilst they are playing and tooking into the cake. From portrait photos, to capturing them playing, their tiny fingers and toes, real laughs and interactions.

It’s so much fun to watch. Some babies love to stuff their little faces whilst others pick at it with their little fingers. You will see both examples from these gorgeous twins below.

Once they’ve demolished the cake, the bath tub comes out. We splash around, play with bubbles and rubber ducks.

This style allows me to completely focus on your baby and create timeless memories, which will not go out of fashion.

If you would like more information, simply click here. Or just drop me a message and I would be happy to help.

Anna x

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First Birthday Photo Shoot Barnsley

First Birthday Photo Shoot Barnsley

Firstly, before I start talking about birthday celebrations, I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I can’t quite believe January is almost over, but I am looking forward to some longer and warmer days now. In this blog “First Birthday Photo Shoot Barnsley”, I really want to share with you my love for more simple first birthday sessions.

With so many birthday sessions coming up, I thought it’s a great time to write a little more about my sessions.  

Why a simpler photo shoot?  

Well, that’s quite a simple answer.

I want your baby to be the total focus in the photograph.

When I first started photography, I thought that I had to use lots of props and backdrops to create a beautiful photo. I quickly learnt that, it just wasn’t for me.

You see, usually cake smashes are colourful and themed. Which is beautiful but I wanted something different.

My favourite photographs are not just photos but memories. I love capturing the little details of your baby, their real laughs and smiles, the way they play and interact. And of course how inquisitive they are of the camera in front of them. 

Although I use a flash light, I aim to create a natural light look. I love how soft, pure and airy natural light is, and it’s just perfect for baby photography.

Using beautiful, neutral or light in colour clothing, some gorgeous wooden toys, balloons and a simple white/pastel cake. Keeping it minimal allows me to truly capture your baby as they are. Giving you first birthday memories, that will never date.

We keep it really relaxed and simple, allowing your baby to just play while I snap away, then we bring out the cake and finish off with some splashing around.

There is very little posing involved if any at all, again allowing me to capture photographs that truly reflect your little ones personality.

If your little one is turning 1 and you are looking for a way to celebrate that you can always look back on, please get in touch. I have some more information on my cake smash page or just drop me a message.

Anna x

Cake Smash – Eddie’s First Birthday

Cake Smash – Eddie’s First Birthday

Cake Smash – Eddie’s First Birthday

Cake Smash – Eddie’s First Birthday was a lot of fun. It’s been nearly a whole month since Eddie has turned one. And with other things always getting in the way, I am late with posting images of his cake smash. Finally I have finished editing them and they are ready to post and print for the house and family members. I must admit I was quite worried for Eddie’s cake smash as he has already developed “the photographers child syndrome”, he finds it hilarious to just crawl away into the kitchen or the living room or he just wants to sit on my knee and look into the camera too.

We actually decided to do his cake smash on his birthday and I must say it turned out amazing. He was the happiest, funniest little chap on the day. I’ve managed to capture some really funny, cute and happy expressions that I will treasure for many years to come. Apart from the cake of course, balloons were his absolute favourite and he played with them for around a week after his birthday. This was also the first day where Eddie had a real taste of sugar, he absolutely loved it. And we did too, since he didn’t completely trash it.

I am often asked the question by my clients “how do I choose”, I must say when I take images of my children I am always looking with my mummy glasses and I find it real hard to choose my most favourites, thats because I am just in love with every expression, smile and even cry, so I totally understand how you feel, it is very difficult to pick your favourites. It has taken me quite a long time to choose the ones bellow. I have plenty more but there would just be too many to post.

Cake smash photographer in Barnsley, boys set up two

Barnsley cake smash photographer, near Sheffield

Cake smash and splash Barnsley photographer, cake set up

Cake Smash photographer in Barnsley, boys cake

Cake smash Barnsley photographer, Dodworth based

Cake Smash photography in Barnsley

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Barnsley cake smash and splash photographer, bath tub shoot

Barnsley Cake smash and splash photographer, bath tub

Barnsley cake smash photographer, splash tub

Cake smash photographer around Barnsley, splash tub