Perfect Christmas Gifts for Expectant Mums

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Expectant Mums

I’ve been sat here wondering if to add a number to this blog, such as “Top 10 gifts”. However, I am going to take the number out. Maybe I’ll come back to it and add more every year. After all, I’m not sure if you can summarise it down to just “Top 10”. There’s just so many “Perfect Christmas gifts for expectant mums”.

I thought I would start writing about the presents that I would have enjoyed. I must admit, as a previously expectant mum, my head always wondered when asked what I wanted, whilst pregnant. Do I ask for practical gifts or something to treat me and the baby?!

The gift of making memories and lovely keepsakes

Babymoon – this is becoming an increasingly popular gift. Babymoon gift is where you would book an escape for the mum to be. This could be a spa break, a weekend away with afternoon tea or even a weekend abroad. This is an amazing idea and something that a number of friends or family can be involved in too. 

Newborn Photo ShootI promise I am not adding “Newborn photo shoot” in just because I am a photographer. In fact I’ve come across many mums who’ve said they would have loved a photo shoot as a gift. There’s nothing better than looking back in time at those precious moments, remembering how tiny they were. 

Hand and Foot Casting – hand and foot casting is another way to freeze a moment in time. Capturing wonderfully delicate details, the little creases and wrinkles that will last forever. Creating these memories with a professional is always the best way to go. Marie from Crafty Chops in Leeds has a lot of experience and creates beautiful casts. If you’re looking to gift just a small present. You can also buy little casts to make baby hand and foot prints in places such as Hobbycraft.

Accessories – there are some gorgeous and meaningful accessories for mums to be. Pandora have an amazing collection of charms for expectant mums. You may also find a big variety of accessories on Etsy.  

Baby Journal – a baby journal is a really thoughtful gift. A place where you can add photographs and stories of the day you had. Something that will be treasured more and more as the years go by. Claude and Co have some stunning but natural baby journals that are just perfect as a Christmas gift. 

Personalised Scan Print Framethis is another thoughtful and beautiful gift. Somewhere to display the first photos of the baby.

‘A Letter to My Mum’ Poem Picturethis is a gorgeous gift that will make any expectant mum tear up with happy tears. A perfect gift to make a mum to be, feel special. 

Practical but perfect Christmas gifts

A Maternity Total Body Pillow – as much as this is practical, it’s going to be one of the best gifts. Comfort is everything during pregnancy and getting comfortable at night becomes a real struggle. It’s what we think about a lot during pregnancy, comfort and a good night sleep. I loved using the JoJo Maman BeBe Microbean Maternity Sleep Pillow. However there are plenty more you can purchase in other places including Amazon.

A Feeding Pillow – now this one I guess is maybe a bit strange for a Christmas gift. And you may need to know the person well before you buy it. Not everyone breastfeeds, but from personal experience and friends too, it has been one of the best gifts. They are also used for helping mums hold their babies in the first days, and are super comfortable to use. There is plenty of choice on Amazon.

Gift Vouchers – whether it’s for a super market, a shopping mall or Amazon vouchers. This is a simple but a fantastic gift. You can then be sure that the mum to be will be able to spend it just how she wants.

Groegg – A night light with a thermometer. This is a lovely practical gift to help parents. Not only does it tell you the temperature. The colour of the light changes if the temperature is too low or too high in the babies room. It’s a practical gift but some what luxurious. You can purchase the GroEgg from the company directly or other retailers such as Boots, John Lewis, Amazon and more.

Meal Vouchers – when you first have a baby, thinking of what to cook is the last thing on your mind. Getting a take out can also be costly. Of course we all have chips and other frozen items, but it just doesn’t always do it. Marks & Spencers have delicious ‘Dine in for two’ meals that both mum and dad would enjoy in the first few days of having a baby.  You can also send a gift card from Hello Fresh. Parents can redeem it when they need to (please check if there’s a time limit).

Changing Bag – a lovely changing bag is a great gift. We love our handbags, and changing bags are not an exception. After all, we will be carrying it everywhere on a daily basis. I adore Cath Kidston changing bags, not only are they beautiful but fantastic quality too.

Pampering Gifts

A pampering session – when we are expecting a baby, we sometimes forget to care for ourselves. Our minds are always on growing our baby and treating them before they are even here. If the mum has children already, there is just no time at all to think about being pampered. Buying a pregnancy friendly massage could be exactly what the mum needs. Having a voucher gifted, will certainly persuade any mum to go. You can find a number of independent businesses who provide pampering sessions in and around Barnsley on Treatwell. You may also find many spas in hotels that will provide pregnancy friendly pampering sessions.

Manicure or a Pedicure – this is another lovely pampering gift you could give an expectant mum for Christmas. You can either buy vouchers to visit the salon or book a mobile technician to do a home visit. Just search for local nail technicians around your area. 

Hair appointment – our hair does tend to get ruined after pregnancy for a while. A hair appointment voucher would be the perfect present for an expectant mum. She can go treat herself when ever she wants. Tammie and her team at Quiffs and Curls and Bentley’s Hair Salon are amazing if you’re in Barnsley area. 

Yoga classes – although it requires a form of exercise, it’s really relaxing and could make a difference during birthing. Not to mention it’s a great way to relieve stress. There are some fantastic ante-natal classes out there. Such as Pre and Post Natal Yoga at Holistic Wellbeing or Mind, Body and Spirit. The NHS website has plenty of other places available too. 

Bath oils and creams – there are thousands of oils and creams you could gift this Christmas to an expectant mum. My favourite are, Neal’s Yard and Bloom and Blossom product range. You can choose either individual products or sets.

The good old slippers and pyjamas – all I can say is, I pretty much lived in mine. Every time we got home, the first thing I did was get dressed into my pyjamas and cosy slippers.

Books – reading books is another item many women love during pregnancy. They don’t always have to be pregnancy related. I think I read about 1 per month during my first pregnancy. Getting dressed into pyjamas, climbing into bed with a great book is really relaxing. Not to mention it’s great for the baby too, if you read out loud.

I hope this has given you plenty of ideas for when looking at “Perfect Christmas Gifts for Expectant Mums”.

I would love to hear from you, your ideas and what you think, so please pop a comment below.