Family Portraits Barnsley

Family Portraits Barnsley

If you’ve come across this “Family Portraits Barnsley” blog,  you must be searching for a family photographer in the area. It can be pretty difficult to find the right photographer to capture memories of your family. Not to mention, who has the time to be searching for hours, when you are so busy attending to your family and work. Great news, you’re in the right place! 

There are a vast amount of photographers out there who offer different style of family portraits. Let me simplify it down for you. 


Studio photography is where a photoshoot takes place indoors. There may be a natural light source or flash used, both are great, some photographers just prefer one or the other. 

You’ll find that a big amount of studio photographers actually operate from home (this is what I have for my indoor sessions). It can be a much more relaxed environment and less scary for the little ones.

Studio photography is quite simplistic, where the focus is all on your family. Some photographers create a more natural style session, focusing on moments, emotions such as laughter and interaction. Others are more posed.  


Outdoor photography is very well suited for families. There is plenty of space and you can always find somewhere stunning to capture some amazing photographs using the colours of the UK. Just like studio photography you can achieve a more posed look as well as a more natural style session.

If you have small children over the age of 2, outdoor photography is one I would absolutely recommend. You can truly capture their personalities and laughter, all while they are exploring the great outdoors. Of course you can always get some beautiful posed shots in too. It’s an absolute pleasure being able to capture them having fun and enjoying themselves.

The weather of course can be challenging here in the UK and your photographer will try their best to either work with the weather or re arrange if its just too rainy or too windy or you simply can’t get there due to snow.


Lifestyle photography is all about capturing you and your family as you are. Documenting a glimpse of your life. 

Your chosen lifestyle photographer would arrive to your house and spend maybe a few hours capturing some real life moments, creating a story in the comfort of your home and maybe even the surrounding area.

This however is not suited for everyone. Light is the biggest factor of good quality photos and if some homes have poor natural light quality it may be better to choose a different option. However some lifestyle photographers do use a flash that may help out if the light is not perfect. You can always chat to your photographer and check if this would be an issue to them. 

So, these are the main photography styles. I hope this has helped you understand better what you might be looking for when searching for “Family Portraits Barnsley”.

Below I have added some photos of what you can expect from my recent family portraits. I would call my style of photography more relaxed and natural, capturing real smiles and connections. Most of my family portraits are captured outdoors but I also include family photographs with newborns and babies. If you would like to find out more information on my family photography click here or just drop me a message and I would be happy to help.