As well as being a professional photographer I am a mum of two beautiful children. A dog lover, Pinterest junkie, a shopaholic and have recently discovered a huge love for coffee.

In my spare time I love to do a spot of baking, plan lots of interior design jobs, and enjoy the great outdoors. We are an outdoor family and at our happiest when in nature. 

Recently we have purchased a caravan that we are now taking all over the UK to find some beautiful gems, (caravan adventures will be shared with you on my Instagram)!

I am always eager to learn more. Whether that’s in the photography world, personal development, cooking or anything really. Knowledge is power, right?! Podcasts are becoming my favourite things to listen to. 

Anna x


Barnsley photographer, with me holding the camera

Photography is my lifelong passion.

There’s something special about capturing your story. From the little details, to the laughs and love you share with your little ones. Or even just a simple portrait. It’s all worth a capture.

After all, these moments fly by within a blink of an eye. And we are left with just a fading memory, that we desperately want to hold onto. Photographs are a way to keep those memories stored away safely. And every time you want to go back and relive the moment. You can just pick up those photographs and look back on together with your little ones.

After having children myself, I now understand the importance of these memories so much more.



 I work from the comfort of my own lovely home studio. You can just sit back and maybe enjoy some snacks with a brew (if you like). My studio sessions are laid back and relaxed (unless we have a crawling or walking baby, then we tend to run around after them, but I promise it’s a lot of fun).

The outdoor photography sessions are based in and around Barnsley area. With it being such a small town, I do venture out a little further towards Wakefield and Sheffield sometimes (usually within 20 minute drive of my home).