Cake Smash Photography Sheffield

Cake Smash Photography Sheffield

If you’ve come across this “Cake Smash Photography Sheffield” blog, you must be looking for a fun way to mark your baby’s first birthday, around the area. Although I am actually based just outside Barnsley, I often have clients from Sheffield and Rotherham.

What an exciting time it is, turning one! And a cake smash can be the perfect way to celebrate and create some really fun memories.



Although traditionally cake smashes are bright, jazzy, themed and colourful. I, on the other hand adore a more natural approach. And it makes me so happy that my clients love the idea too.

I do this by keeping everything simple. Eliminating all the unnecessary distractions such as, lots of decorations, colourful outfits and jazzy cakes. Not that there is anything wrong with them, but it’s just not for me. 

Instead, I provide beautiful neutral and pastel outfits for your little ones to wear. Some gorgeous wooden toys that they can play with. And a simply decorated cake, that is super delicious.

I adore capturing your baby’s personalities and all their little details, whilst they are playing and tooking into the cake. From portrait photos, to capturing them playing, their tiny fingers and toes, real laughs and interactions.

It’s so much fun to watch. Some babies love to stuff their little faces whilst others pick at it with their little fingers. You will see both examples from these gorgeous twins below.

Once they’ve demolished the cake, the bath tub comes out. We splash around, play with bubbles and rubber ducks.

This style allows me to completely focus on your baby and create timeless memories, which will not go out of fashion.

If you would like more information, simply click here. Or just drop me a message and I would be happy to help.

Anna x

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What to wear to your summer photo shoot

What to wear to your summer photo shoot

Choosing what to wear to a photography session, can be some what stressful! So, in this “what to wear to your summer photo shoot” blog. I would like to take that stress away. And help you with choosing something comfortable but practical and works perfectly well with the chosen location.

Firstly, I have to say, I can’t express enough how excited I am to be back to photographing all the families and little babies (safely of course).

Summer time is also one of my favourite seasons, those beautiful warm evenings, all the flowers, the sunset, it just makes my heart sing.

Below I have put together some tips for choosing a summer wardrobe with a family photo shoot in mind.


Choosing a colour palette is actually very important when it comes to a family photography session. You can choose from 2-4 different colours, that compliment one another.

The easiest way to do this, is looking at different tones, such as, pastels, earthy, neutral etc.

For example, in the image here, white, pink and blue work well together. As well as with the location.

If you’re struggling in putting colours together, you can’t go wrong with a neutral palette. Here are some ideas you can browse through on my Pinterest board.

Barnsley family portraits, outdoor summer sunset shoot

My outdoor sessions take place in fields, parks and woodlands. Places where I want children and parents to have a little fun and enjoy the nature too.

I want you to feel your best and most comfortable at the session. I want you to look back at your photos and see your true self, your childrens little personalities and connections. Choosing a lovely outfit that’s comfortable, really helps achieving that.

Although most of my families like to dress up a little, I always advice to keep it more simple, a nice summary day dress or jeans and summer shirt always work well.



The biggest no, no when it comes to picking an outfit for a photo session is anything with big logos, cartoon characters, text or huge prints.

You and your family is the main focus in all the photographs, therefore it’s of importance that we don’t draw attention away from that.

Also avoid miss matching colours.

Barnsley Photographer, summer photoshoot

I hope you’ve found this “what to wear to your summer photo shoot” blog useful. Below you’ll find some kids clothing inspirations, from 4 different retailers. You can click on the photo and it will take you through to the retailer website.

For any more information or if you would like to book a photo shoot just leave a comment or drop me a message I would be very happy to help.

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Taking Professional Photos With Your Phone

Taking Professional Photos With Your Phone

So I am going to admit as a professional photographer, I’ve always been totally rubbish at taking more professional photos with my phone. Knowing what I can do with my camera, always stopped me from trying to do a better job.

But, since the lockdown I’ve been working on improving my smartphone photography skills.

I have to admit they don’t turn out the same as they do with my big camera. But I’ve managed to capture some lovely memories of the kids and be happy with the result.


Light is the absolute key to photography. Without good light it’s hard to take a nice photo. The same applies to smart phone photography. The direction of light and how harsh it is, plays a big part in the final image.

When taking a photo, always make sure your subjects face is lit well. I always try and find a room with the best light (where it’s not too harsh or too dark). If the rooms in your house are fairly dark, try and get as close to the window as you can.


Try different angles. If you’ve found a room with good light or you’re taking photos outside, play around. A lot of the time we pick our phone up and are guilty of, just snapping away. Looking straight on to the subject, with the phone held in upright position.

Try to photograph from above or below (maybe when your little ones are busy playing). Simply turning the phone landscape can also give you some more interesting images.


Camera settings vary depending on the smartphone manufacturer. But these are the things that can be done on every phone:

Turn your grid on – to help make sure you’re taking your photos straight (I’m terrible for taking my photos on a slight angle without a grid). And play around with where on the grid you’d like to place your subject.

Focus point – always use it to make sure exactly what you want is in focus.

Keep HDR turned on (High Dynamic Range). This helps balance highlights and shadows, creating an image that resembles more of what our human eye sees.

Stay away from camera flash. Unless it’s unavoidable, for example at night or really low light situations. It tends to make the image worse. When used you’ll find that you might have over lit skin, unwanted red eyes and a flat look to your images. And generally it just ruins the quality.

Avoid zoom at all costs. When using smartphone zoom, it doesn’t just zoom in, it actually crops your images. Resulting in a very poor quality photo.


There are various apps you can download onto your phone for free or at a small cost. My favorite ones are Snapseed and Lightroom Mobile.

Lightroom Mobile is fantastic but can take a little while to get used to. I do use it on all my smartphone edits. And mainly stick to adjusting Light (so exposure, contrast and highlights). As well as crop tool, and I occasionally adjust the temperature.

Snapseed is also pretty great, there are some amazing looks you can choose from or edit your photo manually. Again, I keep it pretty simple. Either changing my images to black and white or playing around with exposure and contrast.

I hope this has been helpful and you can create some gorgeous memories with your kids whilst in lockdown and afterwards. I would love to see what you’ve come up with <3. 

Anna x

Making Isolation Easier – Activities for you and your children

Making Isolation Easier – Activities for you and your children

Whilst we’re in the middle of a surreal and uncertain time. And each and every one of us are feeling the pressure with massive social change around us. We must also take a step back every now and again and think positively. Make the most out of the situation that we find ourselves in. With this in mind, I have devised a blog dedicated to giving you a few ideas on isolation activities for children. I am no expert, but with a toddler constantly attached to me anyway, all whilst working, these are the things that help, with some added extras.

Firstly – relax

I know what you’re thinking, relax, really?

All I mean is, just take the pressure off, don’t give yourself a hard time, wondering how you’re going to get through this. Enjoy the days, taking things slower.

Lay in bed for a little longer, maybe watch a film too. Cook some pancakes or soft boiled egg and soldiers (our kids favorite). Bake a cake and some cookies, read stories. Oh and enjoy some yoga or exercise, you’ve wanted to do for so long. Take time to reflect on things and enjoy being in the moment with your family.

Create a routine

Since our normal routines are out of the window – creating new ones is the key. One thing I know from personal experience; kids love routine. I’m sure ours will change and adapt all the time, but having one, helps you plan ahead and keeps kids busy and entertained. Happy kids – happy parents. I will be sharing more on my instagram stories of our routine and daily activities.

Indoor fun

From baking  to cooking and reading books, I am hoping to keep us entertained with other indoor activities.  Some chilled games, some energy burning fun and some relaxation whilst also getting kids involved in some house work (although I am not sure how long that will last).

If you haven’t heard, Joe Wicks is also offering online PE lessons for kids at 9AM Monday – Friday on his YouTube Channel. We are definitely doing this.

If you would like to learn some cool freestyle football tricks, Ash Randall at Freestyle Football Academy is now posting some tricks for the kids to learn at home daily. You must check it out.

Outdoor fun

With the weather slowly getting warmer, isolating at home might just be that little bit easier. If you can get some fresh air in the garden.

We have planned to do some chalking, bouncing on trampolines, weeding, riding bikes and scooters, playing with the dogs. As well as Easter egg hunt, bug hunting, leaves and sticks too. And most of all just letting kids use their imagination whilst playing outdoors. Walks but in quiet places and staying well away from anyone else.

Learning Activities

If your children are at school, I am sure they will have had “Home Learning Packs” to help them carry on at home.

I’ve collated some more ideas on Pinterest that might be helpful but also fun. This is something toddlers can get stuck into as well.

Twinkl is a fantastic website with plenty of learning resources that are great for kids at primary and secondary school.

Reading Eggs is one of the best online reading programmes that is proven to help children read, even if they are struggling a little.

I hope some of the “isolation activities for children” ideas have been helpful and you can create a plan that will work for you, during this time. Most importantly, stay safe, look after yourselves and enjoy some of the slow pace days.

I will be adding more to this blog and sharing our days on my Instagram stories, for some inspiration. Sending everyone health and love during this time.

Anna x

Play Groups and Cafes for Babies and Toddlers around Barnsley

Play Groups and Cafes for Babies and Toddlers around Barnsley

With the weather being really gloomy (even though there are signs of spring), getting out with your baby can be a struggle at times. In this blog I want to share our favourite “play groups and cafes for babies and toddlers around Barnsley”. I am sure you will already be aware of the bigger attractions around, so I wanted to share some places I’ve enjoyed taking my little ones.

Play Groups

Baby Sensory

If you’ve recently had a baby or your baby is under 13 months old. I highly recommend Baby Sensory. It is one of my most favourite groups and one I couldn’t wait to go back to when my son was born. 

Baby Sensory is an Award Winning Baby Development Class. There are hundreds of fun activities provided which are suitable for babies from birth. Their baby classes include singing to fibre optic light shows, amazing light balls, bubbles and bells; there is always something different. Most of the activities are set to their own Baby Sensory Music (I love their songs). It’s a great way to spend some quality time with your baby, helping them develop their skills. 

For more information please visit here.

Baby & Me Do

Baby & Me Do provide baby massage, baby yoga and messy play for the little ones.

They offer a very relaxed and comfortable environment for you and your baby to enjoy.

There are three ways for you to learn the joy of baby massage, through their training programme. You can choose between:

– Joining their regular courses with a trainer and other parents. 

– A 1-2-1 session.

– Or if you have a small group of friends you can book a course to run in the comfort of your home.  

You will learn many techniques that can help with relieving colic, pain, wind and more. As well as improve sleep patterns, reduce stress levels, simply enjoy positive time out and much more.

Baby Yoga is a great way to enhance a playful interaction and communication between baby and parent. It helps to attune to your baby’s needs and to calm or stimulate them as appropriate with a sense of security and wellbeing.

Please visit their website for lots more information.


Music Bugs

Music Bugs are a play-based, interactive and sensory music and singing classes for children aged newborn to 4 years.

Instruments, finger play rhymes, knee bouncers, puppets, pom poms, bubbles, silly songs, action songs, rhythm and dance, hobby horses, counting songs and parachute games are just some of the things you can expect to find at your local Music Bugs class
If you would like to find out more or book a class, you can do so by visiting their website. 
Sounds Right Phonics

Sounds Right Phonics classes are available for children from 3 months to 4 years. The sessions are structured around having plenty of fun, while learning early phonics skills. With nursery rhymes, language play, puppets, instruments, props, games and many activities, you and your little one will have lots of fun without realising that there’s learning involved. 

The sessions are carefully planned and structured in a way that is appropriate for each age group.

This is definitely one we are going to try out with my nearly 3 year old, in time to prepare him for nursery.

For more information or to book visit here

Baby/child friendly cafes & play gyms


Babyccinos is a baby & child friendly cafe focusing on the parents. Serving delicious, good quality food and coffee in a stylish setting. Whilst still providing for the little ones. 

 With a baby garden for the babies that’s within an arms reach, you’re able to enjoy good quality food and drink while your baby plays safely.

And toddlers can have plenty of fun in the “Toddler Forest” room. With a tree house, a den, a dress up station and craft material, there’s plenty fun to be had, that’s a change from a usual play area. You can keep a close eye on your toddler from the comfort of your seat through the cctv monitor.

Make sure you check their social media regular for more different activities available to your little ones, such as teddy bear’s picnic, toddler disco and more.

This is by far one of my favourite places to enjoy while my little one plays. The food and drink is amazing and it truly is a home from home but where you can enjoy some company and let your child play, while you actually have a little rest with a nice hot drink. 

132, Huddersfield Road, Mirfield, WF14 8XS

Crafty Kids & Timmy Tigers

Crafty Kids & Timmy Tigers is an exciting craft venue, cafe and play gym. Recently merged together, it’s a perfect location with plenty of activities for your little ones. 

The children can really enjoy best of both worlds. From all important physical activity in the safe, yet exciting play gym. To a fantastic crafting and activity area where your little ones can really let their creative juices flow. 

If they fancy creating something to take home, there is fabric printing, canvas art and pottery as an extra. 

Not to mention you can enjoy different classes during the week, such as toddle disco, mini rock and sign, messy morning and more. If you would like to attend these classes visit their page here for more information. 

10 Union St, Heckmondwike, WF16 0HH

Cannon Hall

Cannon Hall is probably one of our all time favouite places to visit. A place you can enjoy seeing farm animals and reptiles, outdoor play area and a fantastic indoor play gym, that is suitable for all ages. There is so much to enjoy with the kids. Not to mention a walk around the grounds with a gorgeous view and some delicious, fresh food and drink. 

If you are visiting with a baby or toddler, I have always absolutley adored going during school time. It’s just lovely and relaxing. We’ve always enjoyed looking at the animals, then burning some energy in the play gym followed by a scrumptious lunch.

Bark House Ln, Cawthorne, Barnsley S75 4AT 

Jolly Tots

If you are looking for a play gym that’s tailored for children under 5 years of age, this is the perfect place.

Jolly Tots is a friendly and cosy play gym with plenty of things for your little ones to enjoy. From lots of toys to jigsaws, puzzles, slides, ball pits, soft play areas and many other activities, you can be sure that they will have lots of fun. If you and your little ones fancy a bite to eat, there’s yummy hot and cold food, healthy snacks and drinks to be had. 

Lancaster House, Mortimer Heights, Cubley, Penistone, Sheffield S36 9UY

Tots Explore

Tots Explore is a cosy cafe where your little ones can explore and get involved in interactive and imaginative play. With plenty of activities, arts and crafts and toys you can be sure they will have plenty of fun. All while you can always keep an eye on them while actually enjoying a drink and some refreshments. There are always different classes and events happening at Tots Explore.

Please do visit their page if you would like to join in.

High St, Shafton, Barnsley S72 8NH 

Kiddy Winx Play Cafe

Kiddy Winx is another one of our favourite places to visit. It is a play cafe with a kiddy sized village to explore. There are so many gorgeous and educational toys, crafts, little wooden slides, soft play for the babies and so much more. I would absolutely recommend visiting.

Please visit their page here, so you can see for yourself. 

5 Davey Rd, Thurnscoe, Rotherham S63 0JF 

I hope this has given you a few good ideas on what play groups and cafes to take your babies and toddlers. If there are any that you come across too, please comment below or drop me a message here. I would love to hear from you.