Whilst we’re in the middle of a surreal and uncertain time. And each and every one of us are feeling the pressure with massive social change around us. We must also take a step back every now and again and think positively. Make the most out of the situation that we find ourselves in. With this in mind, I have devised a blog dedicated to giving you a few ideas on isolation activities for children. I am no expert, but with a toddler constantly attached to me anyway, all whilst working, these are the things that help, with some added extras.

Firstly – relax

I know what you’re thinking, relax, really?

All I mean is, just take the pressure off, don’t give yourself a hard time, wondering how you’re going to get through this. Enjoy the days, taking things slower.

Lay in bed for a little longer, maybe watch a film too. Cook some pancakes or soft boiled egg and soldiers (our kids favorite). Bake a cake and some cookies, read stories. Oh and enjoy some yoga or exercise, you’ve wanted to do for so long. Take time to reflect on things and enjoy being in the moment with your family.

Create a routine

Since our normal routines are out of the window – creating new ones is the key. One thing I know from personal experience; kids love routine. I’m sure ours will change and adapt all the time, but having one, helps you plan ahead and keeps kids busy and entertained. Happy kids – happy parents. I will be sharing more on my instagram stories of our routine and daily activities.

Indoor fun

From baking  to cooking and reading books, I am hoping to keep us entertained with other indoor activities.  Some chilled games, some energy burning fun and some relaxation whilst also getting kids involved in some house work (although I am not sure how long that will last).

If you haven’t heard, Joe Wicks is also offering online PE lessons for kids at 9AM Monday – Friday on his YouTube Channel. We are definitely doing this.

If you would like to learn some cool freestyle football tricks, Ash Randall at Freestyle Football Academy is now posting some tricks for the kids to learn at home daily. You must check it out.

Outdoor fun

With the weather slowly getting warmer, isolating at home might just be that little bit easier. If you can get some fresh air in the garden.

We have planned to do some chalking, bouncing on trampolines, weeding, riding bikes and scooters, playing with the dogs. As well as Easter egg hunt, bug hunting, leaves and sticks too. And most of all just letting kids use their imagination whilst playing outdoors. Walks but in quiet places and staying well away from anyone else.

Learning Activities

If your children are at school, I am sure they will have had “Home Learning Packs” to help them carry on at home.

I’ve collated some more ideas on Pinterest that might be helpful but also fun. This is something toddlers can get stuck into as well.

Twinkl is a fantastic website with plenty of learning resources that are great for kids at primary and secondary school.

Reading Eggs is one of the best online reading programmes that is proven to help children read, even if they are struggling a little.

I hope some of the “isolation activities for children” ideas have been helpful and you can create a plan that will work for you, during this time. Most importantly, stay safe, look after yourselves and enjoy some of the slow pace days.

I will be adding more to this blog and sharing our days on my Instagram stories, for some inspiration. Sending everyone health and love during this time.

Anna x