In this “Autumn Wardrobe – What To Wear To Your Photo Shoot” blog, my aim is to help you understand how to choose what to wear that is comfortable, practical and still looks great. This question does arise all year round and I will be doing a separate blog post for different seasons.

As we head into the second half of September, the nights are getting longer and the leaves will soon be turning beautifully golden, this is my favourite time of the year. Especially now, with the kids, we love pumpkin picking, halloween, as well as all the outings and activities that come with it.

I get even more excited about photographing families in autumn. There are just so many beautiful and colourful locations around. With the addition of a stunning autumnly light, you can achieve some gorgeous family photographs. Not to mention, all the fun the kids have, searching for conkers, finding crunchy leaves to jump in and take home for some fun craft activities.

Below are some tips to help you out when searching for an autumn wardrobe with the family photo shoot in mind. 




The first thing I always recommend is start off with a colour palette. You can choose from 2-4 different colours, they must compliment one another.

The colours that always work well are cream, blue, mustard yellow, brown and burgandy.

You could also use a more neutral colour palette. I have created a Pinterest board here with some great palette examples and autumn wardrobe ideas.

autumn wardrobe what to wear to a photoshoot - family in a field

During all my shoots, being comfortable and dressed for the weather is essential. No one wants to be outside either freezing or sweating.

With the British weather being so unpredictable, planning what you are going to wear and layering up is an essential part of putting together an outfit. Plus it can be so much fun trying out what you already have with something new. As long as your colour palette works together across all the layers, you’re on the right track. You can then be sure if its too warm you could take your coat off and maybe just have a chunky sweater or a drench coat with a nice top/dress.

Don’t forget you can also layer up using scarfs and hats if its too warm for a winter coat but cold for just wearing a jumper or a drench coat. 

autumn wardrobe - what tow ear to a photoshoot - 2 children at Newmillerdam

Your family is the main focus in all the photographs we create, therefore its important to ensure there is nothing there that would take the attention away from that.

There are two things you need to avoid when looking at what to wear to your photo shoot, in autumn and all year round.

Any clothing with big prints, texts and logos. They are hugely distracting.

Secondly, any miss matching colours or bright/neon type colours, particularly during autumn shoots.

Although the image below or at the side (depending what you are viewing this blog on) was done on a warm day early September. I wanted to show you how simple neutral colours work well together for both a warm evening shoot and a cooler Autumn day, all you need is just a few extra layers.

Autumn Wardrobe - what to wear to a family photoshoot - mum kissing toddler

I hope this blog has been helpful to you. Further down I have put together some clothing inspiration for children three different retailers as an idea from this year. And I can certainly tell so far that this autumns colours are very neutral. 

For any more information or if you would like to book an autumn mini photo shoot just leave a comment or drop me a message I would be very happy to help.

H&M girls autumn clothing collage
H&M boys autumn clothing collage
vertbaudet girls clothing collage - autumn wardrobe what to wear to a photoshoot
vertbaudet boys - what to wear to an autumn photoshoot
girls marks and Spencers clothing collage for autumn wardrobe - what to wear to your photoshoot
boys marks and Spencers clothing collage for autumn wardrobe - what to wear to your photoshoot